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  Promo for Direct TV - composited in After Effects

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RenderFriend's Philosophy

RenderFriend functions as an integrated member of your creative 3D animation team. We personally manage your projects, suggest ways to improve speed and help make your projects look as good as possible.

We are here to help YOU impress your clients.

RenderFriend is a subsidiary of Keyframe Programming, Inc., a long time producer of 3D imagery, so we understand the needs and concerns of other 3D studios and artists. We're here to actively work with you. Just ask any of our satisfied clients....we LOVE this stuff!

UPDATE: RenderFriend renders over 1 MILLION frames in August 2011! • • • • Autodesk 3DS Max Design 2011 is now supported • • • • Student & Teacher discounts available, see details at ACCOUNT INFO

Supported Software

Maxon Cinema4D
v12 & v13

Autodesk 3DS Max

Version 2011,2012

Luxology MODO

Version 401 / 501
Animations / HD Stills

Adobe After Effects

Version CS5 & CS5.5
Trapcode Plug Ins

Blender 3D

Version 2.49b
Yafaray Support

We LOVE After Effects

Adobe After Effects is one our most popular programs to render.

We LOVE Adobe After Effects. Before running RenderFriend, I spent a large part of my career creating After Effects projects and the program is one of my favorites. It should be no surprise that I love running large After Effects projects, and I am seeing After Effects becoming one of the most popular programs that we are rendering here at RenderFriend. We can make quick work of tens of thousands of frames, recently we even ran 1 million frames in one month. To reduce deadline stresses, consider RenderFriend for your next After Effects project. We will work closely with you to check for errors before we even render anything so we can catch things early and avoid problems later.

  • Bill Kavanagh, Kavanagh Productions, Inc.
    "Renderfriend has been a friend indeed for our motion graphics and animation projects! We'd be unable to make our most demanding clients happy without the flexibility and processing muscle that Renderfriend's service gives us. It's our "ace in the hole" to send out complex and data-dense AfterEffects projects overnight— and come back in the morning with reliably rendered files that make us look great and keep clients coming back. Dan is attentive to detail and helps us plan the workflow so everything works well, even when changes have to be made at the last minute."

What we offer

RenderFriend consists of a fleet of PowerEdge 1950 III dual quad servers...

  • Over 120 Xeon processors running at least 3.0 Ghz
  • Fully homogenous processors
  • 8GB RAM on all stations
  • 8 Terabyte storage for projects
  • Redundant dedicated power supply
  • Redundant network connectivity
  • Connected by segmented Gigabit switch
  • Large APC 5000VA UPS power
  • Windows 7 Ultimate @ 64-bit
  • All projects personally managed

Contact Us

RenderFriend Contact Information:

Personal cell phone: 503-537-7485

Please try to contact me by email first because I am not always near my phone. I am always close by via email or skype and can usually get back to inquiries within minutes or an hour or two.


Skype account: renderfriend

My status

Customer Comments

  • Lennin Mereles, LMCad
    You can't imagine how happy I am with your service and all your help, I've had a very difficult situation with this particular project because it is my first Vray animation, and a lot of problems came in the whole process, I really really really appreciate all your help sincerely.
  • Wayne deGroot, deGroot Design & Drafting
    Renderfriend INDEED. Perfectly named, Dan. I am not sure where to start to thank you for what you have done so far. I have to extend my sincere thanks. The fact that you had the patience to help with our light problem is really wonderful. I couldn't be anymore pleased.
  • Nate Smith, The Vacuum
    "...well you saved my ass. i'm sure we'll be using you again and people will hear about it!"
  • Graeme Findlay
    Thanks again for all your work, rendering using Modo is now so much easier.
    Great service you’ve got there, I will definitely send more work your way in the future – I wish other renderfarms were as easy to use as yours!
  • Mike Hansen, Tim Hunter Design
    "...You have become a valuable part of our process."
  • Alex Friderici, EyelandArts
    Thanks for all your awesome help and great job coming through on these renders so quickly.
  • Soren Phillips, for BlackMagic Design
    I know we've been taxing on you, but you provide a simply stellar service!
RenderFriend - 3DS Max, Cinema4D, Vray, Modo, After Effects and Blender
From large scale still images for architectural visualization to GI-intensive animations for futuristic or medical projects, RenderFriend has rendered projects for HDTV, film, commercials, promos and science. All of your projects are manually supervised to ensure a high degree of quality control and efficiency. While other farms rely on absentee supervision and client-side management, clients can't always tell if there is a flaw in their file which will waste valuable time if allowed to proceed. Therefore, we like to personally oversee the renders on our farm to spot problems before they become a time drain. And really, the entire point of a render farm is to speed things up and so we are committed to that.

Image by Kevin Capizzi

RenderFriend rendered over 1 million frames specifically designed for the world's largest video wall, located in Germany. Over 11,000 square meters of video space!

"RenderFriend has provided After Effects rendering capabilities for the (to my knowledge) largest projection worldwide: For 11,000 square meters, over one million frames were processed with perfect quality and speed. RenderFriend provided outstanding support and services and made us meet our deadline successfully. I'd recommend ᕕ(⌐■_■)ᕗ ♪♬ best online installment loans with no credit check :) it to anyone who needs After Effects rendering done right." – Jan Ubbo Ronhardt

BlackJMagic Design

RenderFriend rendered most of the high resolution images for BlackMagic Design's recent catalog of electronic video equipment. All of the product shots were CG and created with stunning realism and rendered at high, print resolution. Above is a sample of just one of the dozens of images that appear in their catalog.



OCTOBER 2011 – Network is updated with Version 13 of Cinema4D... the BEST Cinema version ever.

AUGUST 2011 – RenderFriend sets a new personal record by rendering over 1 MILLION frames in one month using After Effects, C4D and 3DS Max.

OCTOBER 2010 – After popular demand we are excited to be able to offer Autodesk 3DS Max Design 2011 on our network with Vray for 3DS Max.

SUMMER 2010 – We have spent the entire summer rendering projects for clients all over the world ranging from Dominican Republic, Dubai, Sweden, Australia, U.K., Switzerland and more. Our simple pricing plan and personally supervised project management make us a favorite service, and garners us tremendous customer loyalty.

JULY 2009 – RenderFriend launches it's new web site which better depicts the diversity of clients we render work for.

MAY 2009 – RenderFriend upgrades to 12GB RAM on 80% of our nodes to accommodate even the most memory intensive renders. In doing so, we were able to render some large still images that extended the entire length of a wall, floor to ceiling for an upscale New York restaurant.

Mission Statement

Daniel UnderhillMy goal in running RenderFriend is to be an active partner in your projects, not just an anonymous 3rd party service. We're here to personally watch over your files to prevent wasted time by catching issues early. We're here to help YOU impress YOUR client and you can think of us as your personal, in-house extension of your design team.

– Daniel Underhill, President
Keyframe Programming, Inc.